Cabbage Juice Recipe For Weight Loss

Cabbage, Juice, Recipe, For, Weight, Loss

Cabbage Juice 

Among all the vegetables, cabbage is extremely low calorie content vegetable. This also has a high level of fiber content and 16 calories per juice. Cabbage juice has high concentrations of Vitamin C which helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. Drink cabbage juice, without adding sugar. You can drink this every day before or after meals as a snack. You can take it also as a replacement for a meal.

Ingredients :

- 1/8 green cabbage

- 1/8 red cabbage

- 2 stalks celery (including green leaves if available)

- ½ beet

- 1 green apple

- 1 carrot

- 1 peeled lemon

- 1 inch ginger

Process all ingredients through your juicer.
Serves 2.
Consume strained or unstrained. Whatever your preference.