Weight loss plateau

Weight loss plateau, weight loss
Weight loss plateau is defined as being stuck for a certain period of time – about one month or more – at a certain body weight. This situation seems to be running into a wall, as after few months on weight loss program you suddenly stop seeing results.
Weight loss plateau is very common; usually you will reach this frustrating situation at some point, so you should be wise to handle it.

To hit weight loss plateau, the first thing you should do is trying to determine the cause of this plateau. First, for starters you shouldn't go to extremes, as slashing too many calories will lower your basal metabolic rate. Also maintaining these standards are very difficult in the long run.

If you don't have exercising program, you should start now. But if you already have one, you should add some items to your exercise course to push this plateau; if walking or jogging is your sole form of exercise, try adding or alternating with swimming, cycling, aerobic exercise or anything that will change your routine exercise. This procedure will force you to use different muscles and raise your basal metabolic rate.

On the other hand, to overcome weight loss plateau you should watch your diet style. You may take a nibble here, a slightly larger snack there, an extra glass of fruit juice. It's usually the little things that make all the difference. Try to keep an honest log of everything you drink and eat for 1 week. Begining a food diary will assist you become more aware of what you are actually eating.

Also on the same side, you should pay attention to the extra refined carbohydrates that tends to slip through the cracks. Be mindful not just of sugars and white flour , however also hidden carbs in foods such as ketchup, salad dressings, yogurt and soups. In general, Carbohydrates shouldn't exceed (45-55%) of meal plan.

One of the most common mistakes in diet programs is eating too little. This can cause decrease in basal metabolic rate and thwart further weight loss efforts. So, well balanced meals with plenty of lean protein, lots of veggies and small amounts of healthy fats will raise basal metabolic rate to a satisfied level.

As we need to change exercise routine to hit weight loss plateau, food routine should be changed too. For example, oatmeal breakfast is considered to be one of the most common and useful breakfast in all diet programs, but to hit weight loss plateau oatmeal should try having eggs and whole wheat toast. Varying your nutrients can have an extra effect on how your body burns fuel.

Finally, the human body is an amazing miracle, one of its amazing characters is being able to adapt to any condition or circumstances. As a result of this situation weight loss plateau could rise. But by shaking things up a bit and varying your diet and exercise program, you will hit the plateau and go back to see good results.