Reprogram Your Mind about Portion Sizes

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Portion Control: Reprogram Your Mind about Portion Sizes

Many people find that it is difficult to control food portion sizes. But, if you need to lose weight you should eat the right portion size. It is hard at first, but once you have learned how to control it, you will be able to determine the right portion size to eat which can lead you to eat in a healthier way and help you lose weight successfully.

It may be impossible to control every morsel passes on your lips. But, you can start by measuring foods and drinks until you arrive to the right portion sizes that you think it is suitable for you to lose weight.

With the ton of foods available, you will be amazed that a one serving or two can make the difference. Therefore, you have to learn how reprogram your mind about portion sizes because this may play a big role in weight loss.

Individuals usually relate portion sizes to the quantity of particular foods that are placed on their plates such as in restaurants. But, that isn't true. Most time, the portions that are served are not the true serving size. That is the cause why you find it difficult to control portion sizes.

Most people don't measure their foods especially at home. They guess what one portion of food item is. And this is the reason why they don't understand the meaning of true portion sizes.

So for know more about portion sizes, try to measure the portion sizes of your foods. By making this, you don't need to control your calories consumption, but you learn to watch portion sizes as well.

There are many ways to control portions. The following is some of these:

  • The large egg’s size or golf ball is about one-fourth cup of nuts.
  • A rounded handful is about the same as a half cup of pasta or cooked rice.
  • A computer mouse has the same size of a small potato.
  • The size of a baseball or a fist of a woman is equal to a serving of fruits and vegetables.
  • The size of cards’ deck is approximately three ounces of meat, which is a common serving size.
Beside to mentioned ways, measuring is considered the best way to make certain that you are consuming the right portion size. When you have measured your foods, you may guarantee that you are getting the right serving size.

If you are not sure if you got the right size, try placing less on your plate. Then, if you are hungry, go for a 2nd half portion for you to be sure.