Sugar Free - How To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

How To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet, healthy eating

Why Do You Need To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet?

Be sure to stay away from any diet which says it is completely sugar free. Because there is natural sugar that we found in veggies and fruit. And generally this type of sugar isn't bad for you due to the fact that some sugar is important in your diet. What you should to eliminate and stay away from it is the added sugar that you will find in a lot of processed food nowadays such as sugar founded in chocolate, cakes, fruits drinks, cookies, pies, and desserts.

The general advice In 2016 is to eliminate sugar intake from your diet altogether, because studies linked it to several health condition such as obesity, diabetes type 2, and many other health problems. Listed here the reasons why you must eliminate sugar from your diet.

1. Obesity:  Sugar is filled with empty calories (energy) that the body stores for the next days, just the later days never come and finally, all that build up energy is turned into fat.

2. Heart disease: Studies have demonstrated that consuming more sugar may augment your chances of having heart disease and heart attack.

3. Diabetes: Without any doubt, the largest connection researchers have created is that the one between sugar and diabetes.

Diabetes type 1: happens once your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin.

Diabetes type 2: happens when the cells don't use glucose appropriately because of the development of obesity.

4. Depression: Sugar listed between 5 foods that cause depression. Studies have demonstrated that there is a direct relation between depression and a diet rich in sugar.

5. Blood pressure: When you eat more sugar, your bad cholesterol amount may augment which lead to increase blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

6. Cancer: There are some studies suggests that sugar could cause some type of cancers.

7. Fatty liver: Sugar composed of 2 types: Glucose and Fructose.

Fructose is the evil type which heads directly to your liver. With fil of time too much sugar may lead to fatty liver, which if left without treatment may lead to cirrhosis chronic liver disease.

8. Dental problems: Sugar may cause some nasty damage to your molars,such as plaque and cavity.

As you see sugar cause a big serious health condition, so start today to reduce your sugar intake. And the following are some tips on how to eliminate sugar from your diet.

  • Reduce the quantity of sugar added to your drinks like tea, coffee, your cereal and your pancakes.
  • Try to drink sugar free drinks or drinks with low calories instead of beverages which have sugar sweetened.
  • Take in mind to read the labels of each product to check out how much sugar it contains. And remember that sugar come with many names.
  • When you prepare cakes, decrease the amount of the sugar in the recipe by one third, and replace it with other things like applesauce.
  • Use spices ginger or cinnamon instead of sugar
  • For cereal, you can put fruit instead of adding dugar.
  • Stay away from prepared and prepackaged foods and try to prepare your food by yourself as much as you can.
  • Make some exercise, yoga or even dance, will help you increase your energy, reduce tension, and decrease your need of sugar.

Remember that always you should take a serious look to what you eat. How much sugar you consume, and how you can reduce it as much as possible. Start today, set a goal for yourself, determine how much sugar you would like to have and make the first step to eliminate sugar from your diet.