What is Paleo Diet?

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Want to Know What Is the Paleo Diet?

 The Paleo Diet is a diet that concentrates on the nutritive substances which our ancestors consumed in the Paleolithic period. People ate these food types for thousand of years, be sure that their health were generally good and their bodies are adapted in best manner to consume this kind of foods. All the products which have been consumed in that period produced by farming only like sugars, grains, and dairy products.

Now most people are talking about this diet, and other refer to it as the caveman diet, because its source is our ancient ancestors.

After the Neolithic period, people started practicing farming consequently several substances become available for intake which led to change our diet hugely.

Studies have shown that our genes changed just by 0. 001% compared to our ancestors which means that although our environment have changed, our bodies have not had any change. So our diets must not change as well. Current foods are generally the cause of many health problems like cancer because of the ingredients that they contain while they can be delightful, but natural foods are more healthy.

Paleo diet is a diet that low in sodium and sugar, high in protein, it is meant to furnish optimum health just by follow the footsteps of our ancestors who lived in Paleolithic period. The main principle of this diet is to maintain a healthy body but, in addition it is a superb alternative for those who want to shed weight.

According to some evidence that has been found, our ancestors have enjoyed the optimum health due to their eating habits.

The most liked foods for a paleo dieter are grass-fed beef, pastured, free-range chicken and everything organic. Also they prefer wild game due to the fact that they contain a small amount of saturated fats compared to processed meats. In terms of proteins, they prefer lean meats, poultry and seafood/fish.

In regards to nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews and macadamia are the best. paleo dieter also prefer fruits with low glycemic index e.g such as melons, broccoli, tomatoes and onions compared to the modern fruits which seem to be large and good.

Nowadays, most people are worried about what they consume, and they are looking for ways to lose excess weight. By following the paleo diet we are profiting all the advantages comes with it begin by getting a good health and finish by losing the unwanted weight.