Getting Started On A Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet, Diet Plans

Getting started on the raw food diet isn't hard as people think, but it requires some preparation. Uncooked foods are becoming more popular today, and people are starting to realize their benefits. Make raw foods as a major part of everything you consume may lead to amazing results such as lower the susceptibility to disease and illness, improves your mood and gives you more energy.

There are many things you should know before starting a raw food diet. The first thing you need to do is to talk with your doctor to take his advice. Because switching to a raw food diet will make some changes on your body in the beginning which may effect your general health.

A raw food diet consists of 70 to 90% of raw foods. And your body has become accustomed to processing cooked foods for several years. So, if you switch to uncooked foods Overnight, you will effect your body especially your digestive system. Therefore, you ought to start with this diet gradually, you can eat just one raw meal a day and then try to eat raw at every meal.

A raw food diet may help you to detox your body, it will detoxify and cleanse your body from harmful toxins and improve your digestive system. But, it has some side effects, before your body will adapt with this new diet such as nausea, headaches and mild depression. But, don't worry because these are just symptoms of your body making adjustments. However, if these symptoms persist with you for long time, you must lower the quantity of raw food consumed and talk with your nutritionist or your doctor.

One important thing you need to understand when you are on a raw food diet, is to plan your meals. And this is crucial in the beginning because your body will be cravings to some foods. Salt and sugar are example of such cravings due that our bodies need them. There are many vegetables and fruits which contain natural sugars and salts. So, you need to monitor your bodily changes to plan your diet according to your body needs.

If it is hard for you to accommodate your body’s needs when you are on the raw food diet. You can add some dietary supplements such as Aloe vera gel which is one of the best dietary supplement, and many other supplements you can find at your local health food store.

Take in mind that you should not combine cooked foods with a raw food diet. This doesn't mean you can't consume cooked food when you are on a raw diet. However, try do not mix them in one meal. Because mixing a raw diet with cooked foods may neutralize many of nutrients and enzymes in the raw food, and can make your digestion more difficult.

To make some difference, you can try to eat your raw foods in different ways, you can  dice, slice, chop, and blend them. And this neither lowers the nutritional value of the foods.