The Best Natural Health Drink

The Best Natural Health Drink, water

What Is The Best Natural Health Drink?

Nowadays, there is many commercial health drinks in the market. Producers claim that they offer treatment for diseases. But people amidst these different choices, they forget the most important natural drink: The Water.

The health experts suggest that most individuals are dehydrated today and they aren't aware of it. They are interested just in drinking tea, sodas and coffee.
You know that 83 percent of our blood is made of water. Our bones composed by 22 percent of water and muscles composed by 75 percent water. Take an example: a person who weight 150 lbs, has around 50 litres of water. Which makes the 2/3 of our body weight are from water.

Water plays an important role to keep the fluids necessary for the body to work. When the body doesn't get enough water, it starts to hold on to every drop of fluid and water it has. In the body, water is stored outside the cells which make hands, legs and feet to swell. To avoid this issue, you should drink a lot of water. The body will release the water stored outside the cells.

The recommended daily amount of water is 8 glasses. Drinking this amount of water will certainly improve your health. It will raise your physical and mental performance, remove toxins, improve your energy and many others.

Water also aid you to get glowing and healthy-looking skin. More,  researches have shown that there is a link between water and weight loss. Water may be a crucial factor in losing weight. When the body doesn't get enough water, the fat cells can't metabolize easily. Water may also suppress your hunger.

Accordingly to some studies, drinking the recommended daily intake of water may relieve from joint and back pain. It also has a perfect impact on our memory and our ability of concentration. The lack of water is the first reason of fatigue and Lack of concentration.

Aside from ordinary tap water, there is a lot of mineral and alkaline water out there. Alkaline water has higher level of PH compared to regular tap water. The drinkers of alkaline water say that it gives us electrochemical activity to the cell, remove toxins from the body and aid in neutralizing acids.

For keep your body hydrated, you need to take enough water. And not only all you need from water come of your water bottle. You must know that food is also a source of water, it gives 20% of your total water consumption. The remaining 80% comes from other drinks. Vegetables and fruits are also another source of water for example: Orange is composed from 87% of water.

Although there are many people promoting alkaline water, there are many health professionals who recommend to drink the regular water. Whether, if it is regular water or alkaline water, water remains absolutely the best natural health drink.