A Guide On How To Count Calories

How To Count Calories, lose weight

Discover How To Count Calories 

If you need to know how to count calories, read this article and you will find a best guide that learn you on how to count calorie.

Calorie is the measure of the energy amount in food. The amount of calories in food aids you to balance the energy that gets to the body with the energy used when doing physical activity which is the key to control your weight.

The energy contained in food is measured in form of calories just like we measure weight of an item in kilograms.

Calories and energy balance 

When you eat something or drink, your body gets energy in form of calories and uses it when doing physical activity. So, if you want to keep a stable weight you need that the energy gets to your body is equal to that used up. You should know that the more physical activity you do, the more energy (calories) are used.

People gain weight when they take more energy and use less( when they use less energy compared to that take or get). Generally the excess energy is stored in form of fat.

According to many staudies, most people today eat and drink more that needed by the body and they are not doing physical activities which certainly leads to gain weight.?

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Checking calories in food (how to count calories in food)

When you are trying to lose weight or even maintain a healthy body weight you need to know the amount of calories in foods because this maybe helpful for you. Make sure that you do not eat much calories than you use up.

To know the calorie content in food always check the back side of backaging and you will find the amount of calorie it is written in kcals short form for kilocalories or kJ short form for kilojoules.

The label of the product shows you how many calories are contained in 100 grams or 100 millilitres of the food or drink, also, you can make a comparison between difeerent products to know the calorie content in each one. . Some labels state the amount of calories in a single portion of the food but the manufaturer’s idea of a proportion may not be the same as yours.

Remember that it is necessary to use the calorie informaion provided on a product to determine if some food fits your daily calorie requirement. In general, a man needs 2500 calories to maintain a healthy weight while a woman needs 2000 calories. So, if you want to lose weight ensure that you take only enough or less calories than you need.

Finaly, if you want to burn calories, you need to do physical activity that will use up body energy, the more vigorous the activity is, the more calories you will use which eventually leads to weight loss.